The Joy of Abstract Fugues

Welcome to the world of Dumitru (Tica) Vonica, painter.

Here is, in one block, a full artistic and spiritual cycle. Over more than 40 years in the second half of the 20th century, Dumitru Vonica grew and matured as artist, producing an original, refined, and considerable body of works. His paintings and drawings, sampled here, are deeply anchored in the art of his century in spite of the almost complete, and only partially unintended, isolation of the artist in his native Romania, where a harsh brand of Communism condemned apolitical art.

abstract graphic art India Ink 1967 x49

India Ink 1967 / 49

Abstract art might not strike one as a typical crowd pleaser, even less so when created by a high-powered, in it’s own admission elitist, mind. You will be surprised, and I hope elated, to discover the richly colored, subtle, powerful, warm and exciting graphics that have impressed people from all walks of life.

You can browse the works, catalogued by period and medium, read about the technical and conceptual foundations of this art, see expert opinions, and discover the life and sense of humor of an Eastern European intellectual in a troubled place and age.

The site has a dual mission, to promote the knowledge of Dumitru Vonica’s art, and to spread his works. While your comments can no longer reach him, we, Alin Vonica, his son, and the dedicated people who are now promoting his art, would warmly welcome your critiques or suggestions.


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